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Maximize Revenue with Pay Per Install!

Please take a moment to watch our intro video to find out more about GuppyGo! and how we can help you monetize and earn money!

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Hostable Exe's

  • Non disruptive banner creative to run in addition to your Google adwords!
  • Perfect for blogs, content sites, etc.
  • Select from our enormous variety of banner creative
  • Choose from email creative, standard IAB banners, textlink creative and much more!
  • This is the ultimate content locking solution!
  • Ideal for tube site owners to lock content and monetize
  • Choose from our high converting direct link to download links
  • Many topical toolbars to choose from including video, hd, shopping, etc.!
  • Perfect for monetizing your cool application or software download!
  • Simply request a hostable installer from us and bundle together with your primary application
  • High payouts for our installers including payouts for US and over 30 + international countries

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Here's How You Benefit

Are you looking for distribution of your feed, product or application? GuppyGo! can help with our substantial global distribution network! With thousands of publishers generating downloads of our applications globally, your distribution of your applications is expansive and immediate. Actively distribute your toolbar, searchfeed, shopping feed, coupon feed, and all different application types including weather, shopping, plug ins and various BHO’s.

How our Installer Works

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What We Can Do for You

Featured Advertisers

Independent software developers and app developers - you’ve developed creative and useful products, so now its ready to let the world know about them! With the GuppyGo! Developer Program, we can help you both distribute and monetize your primary application.

Here’s what we mean in a bit more detail:

Royalty Licensing Program

We will make a ”Guppy” branded version of your application and drive distribution at our cost. For every download of your application Guppy generates, we will pay you back a per install royalty! How cool is that?

Installation Monetization Exe

You are currently generating a decent download volume for your primary application. Now it's time to start making money from your downloads! With our Installer Exe, we can pay you a prevailing bounty per install by country!

Just to top everything off, we also provide additional distribution for both Mobile and Social as well.

Mobile For your iOS/ Droid compatible application, Guppy can help drive additional distribution for your app via our Super Smartphone app registration platform. All of this on a PayPerInstall (PPI) basis!

Social Independent Facebook app developers never fear! Guppy’s Social App Platform allows for added exposure and greater eyeball views all on a PPI basis as well!

Guppy Media is the premium online and mobile performance and affiliate network for advertisers, publishers and networks. With a constant commitment to "results marketing", we deliver on quality, volume, advertiser ROI and publisher yield - all aspects are always results driven.

With presence in over thirty countries worldwide, lead generation, email marketing, mobile marketing and affiliate marketing as a whole is delivered on a global scale. We're more than just a performance network, Guppy is your high octane business incubator and accelerator.

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